Election Update - November 15th

I have requested a recount to complete the democratic process. I want voters to have certainty their individual votes count and have been counted correctly. Orange and Durham counties will conduct their recounts on Thursday, November 21st.  

ReElect Nancy to Continue Bringing Your Voice to Town Council

Four years ago you elected me to hold Town Council accountable for following through on expectations set and to make well-thought-out decisions. Over the past four years, I have done that, even when it has been uncomfortable. I’ve asked hard questions: What’s the plan? How much does it cost? Who’s going to pay for it? If we say yes to this, what are we saying no to? How do we balance the needs of everyone?

People have busy lives and don’t want to spend their precious free time prodding council to do the right thing. So I spend my time out in the community to learn what matters to you, what’s working and what’s not, and what you need to live your best life. I have used my tenacity to chip away at obstacles that interfere with creating a balanced town, one that includes people with different resources and different goals for a good life.

In the next four years, I will continue to bring your voice to the decision-making table. So you can trust that town government will work with you to build your version of a good life.